We're committed to unshackling small-scale farmers from the burden of speculative water pricing.

Water holders can donate temporary allocations, while small-scale farmers can apply for the allocations donated.​

Community Demonstration Farm, Nichols Point, VIC

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Mildura Community Water Bank is a non‑for‑profit venture that seeks to cultivate - through the use of donations - a portfolio of water rights to assist active sustainable farming, direct‑to‑consumer food consumption and the health of river systems.

We'll seek to ensure that locally grown produce and sustainable small‑scale agriculture retain their significant standing as Sunraysia's lifeblood industry.

MCWB is an initiative of Food Next Door Co-Op.
Click here to read our Legal Agreement with Food Next Door Co-op.


BUILD A BANK of water rights that will NEVER, EVER be sold.

Directly and indirectly seek PHILANTROPHIC & BENEVOLENT DONATIONS of money and water.

CONVERT FINANCIAL CONTRIBUTIONS into permanent water rights.

USE OUR WATER RIGHTS to help maintain or activate sustainable farming practices for direct producer to consumer consumption.

ALLOCATE UNUSED OR EXCESS WATER towards the health of the river - the primary source of Sunraysia's economic & environmental heartbeat.

PARTNER WITH GROUPS to facilitate the practical management of MCWB assets.

“This project is very important for the local community, helping the small-scale farmers to get access to affordable irrigation water for their farms to produce local fresh crops, to produce vegetables at a reasonable price that is affordable by everyone.”


Mildura Community Water Bank is proud to present our very own Darling Harvest Gin.

More than just a tasty drop, the proceeds of each bottle sold will hugely benefit small‑scale farmers and allow them to grow and prosper.

This Gin was carefully concocted with incredible local ingredients by our very own Elise Pulbrook, produced and distributed by local distillery Fossey’s, and each bottle hand labelled and individually numbered.

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donate temporary allocations

The donation of temporary water is the backbone of the Mildura Community Water Bank. This has been undertaken with the help of RuralCo Water Brokers –  a proud local business.

Generous owners of permanent water allocations – with a “meg” or two to spare – can lend out an allocation for a period of 12 months.

We’ll then sell this water to small-scale farmers at a capped, reasonable price – free from the fluctuations and speculations of the profiteering water trading markets – up to 80% percent cheaper than market price.

With the income generated from selling these temporary allocations, MCWB will purchase permanent water allocations to ensure the sustainability of the Bank for many years to come.

  Powered by

ordinary people,
extra-ordinary contributions.


megalitres (ML)
so far

We’re not funded by billionaire philanthropists – just everyday people wanting to help!

Check out who has generously donated – and their reasons why.

"Congratulations to Food Next Door and their partners for their fantastic initiative in establishing the Mildura Community Water Bank.
I'm in a position this season to donate some water allocation to the bank and I am pleased to do so. The bank will give ordinary people a chance to irrigate and grow food on their own terms, and irrigators will be participating in and investing in the evolving water trading system.
That system is complex and can be intimidating, but over time participants will become familiar with how the system works. They will learn how to formulate strategies and construct their own water portfolios and to make informed decisions in their own interests. The familiarity and confidence gained will stand them in good stead in future irrigation endevours they may undertake."
Bill McClumpha
Irrigator, Sunraysia
The Mildura Community Water Bank is a great initiative by Food Next Door Co-op to assist new migrant families to grow food crops, particularly vegetables, at reasonable costs for their communities.
I have been more than pleased to donate some water allocation to assist this most worthwhile project for newcomers. I do encourage others to support this program. It is such a purposeful and obvious benefit to our newer citizens.
Name Supplied
Asparagus Farmer, Mildura
I donated water to the water bank for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, I wanted to support refugees. I think it's a great idea to get people from Burundi and the Congo to use their farming skills out here, and grow maize and other crops for their own needs.

Secondly, I think the water market is overpriced, and over-allocated.

I hope my small donation helps.
Michael Mack
Generous Donator


What’s a couple of bucks?

To you and I, maybe it’s a large Flat White to go, maybe a bit of spicy Mex with a pale ale, or 2 tickets to watch Tom Cruise ride a motorbike from a helicopter…

For the Mildura Community Water Bank, a few bucks here and there will add up to allow us to secure Permanent Water Allocations, used to facilitate sustainable farming practices for small-scale farmers.

Like droplets, these dollars will add up to create an extraordinary flood of good for the cause of bringing power back to small, sustainable agriculture.

donate the equivalent of...




It’s the cost of a smooth, warm Skinny Cap from your favourite cafe.

We reckon it’d be a steady step towards permanent water allocations for our small-scale farmers!




Nothing beats a few cheeky carbs on a Friday night.

Duplicate those post-meal feels by putting a few bucks towards the crew that farm the ingredients of the foods we love so dear!




What’s the deeeeal with movie prices, am I right?
The popcorn, the drinks,
yadda, yadda.

For the same cost, this would be an IMMENSE benefit to our small scale farmers when turned into water allocations!

small-scale farmer? apply for water here.

If you’re a small-scale farmer, you could be eligible for our fair, fixed-price temporary water allocations. Our goal is to make this water available for the purpose of helping our independent farmers grow the food and fibre we all need.

While this may seem like “charity” to some, we take the issue of water availability very seriously. In a time of speculative water markets and issues around water availability between big, corporate agribusinesses and independent farming firms, we strive to make water available so that the small-scale farming industry can thrive, which, in turn, helps power our local economy.

Make no mistake – this isn’t a handout. It’s a hand up.

am i eligible?

Our goal isn’t to hand cheap water to everyone – we want to make sure our temporary water allocations are made available to those who will use it best.

After submitting your details through the form below, you’ll be contacted in person by our team and put through a tender process to ensure that processes are in place for this water to be used in sustainable ways.

our board

The Board of the Mildura Community Water Bank are an advisory committee (non-operational) that ensure proper governance and integrity in the operation of the MCWB.

Get to know them a little by clicking on their photos below.


Tammi Jonas is resident Meatsmith at Jonai Farms, raising pastured heritage-breed pigs and cattle, transforming the meat into a range of fresh cuts, smallgoods, charcuterie and salumi in their on-farm butcher’s shop

- Tammi is president of the Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance (AFSA), promoting everyone’s right to access nutritious and culturally-appropriate food grown in ethical and ecologically-sound ways, and our right to democratically determine our own food systems

- Tammi works globally with peasant farmers and indigenous peoples in the fight for food sovereignty, and is a regional leader for the International Planning Committee for Food Sovereignty (IPC), regularly attending meetings of the Food & Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations (UN), and other UN governing bodies.


- Jane is an actor, astrologer, mum, writer, and former Wentworth Shire Councillor

- Jane has long held an active interest in land and water management, conservation and protection of our unique native species, from early days at University doorknocking for Greenpeace

- Currently sought out to speak on Water policy, Jane has most recently presented at NSW Farmers’ Conference and a meeting of South Australian Councils co-sponsored by the Murray Darling Association (MDA) and Local Government SA

- As Chair of Region 4 of the Murray Darling Association, Cr MacAllister is currently Vice President MDA, Chair Of Bottlebend Reserve Land Manager, Committee member of Australian Inland Botanic Gardens, Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area Advisory Committee and Far West PHN Community Advisory Council, to name a few.


- Nick is a Mildura born & bred Business owner, and third generation printer

- Nick is extremely passionate about regional living, buying local, and independent politics - he believes that securing a prosperous and self-sufficient lifestyle outside of the cities is the key to Australia's future

- Nick hopes to help MCWB connect to people who aren't in the usual demographic of water & agriculture - much like himself


- Former Masterchef Top 4 Finallist & Self-professed "Food Nerd"

- Juris Doctor graduate with an undergraduate degree in Media and Communications

- Elise believes in promoting the right to food, food security and food sovereignty for human nurturing and the survival of delicious, sustainable food systems.

- Elise’s love and commitment to food traditions and stories is borne out of her personal history. Her family has instilled a wonderful taste of honouring culture through food and an understanding of how food can feed many hungers.


- Steve was raised on a vineyard in Koorlong and has spent most of his life in and around horticulture and the irrigation sector in the Mildura district.

- Whilst raising 2 children with his wife Nadine, he pursued a wide variety of business pursuits from the construction of a wastewater treatment facility to more recently Gin and Whisky production.

- Steve has strong community values and an underlying desire to secure long term sustainability in farming and water management.